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The EVA® technology (which is the basic form of FCV® as applied by Evone, creates active expiration by suction. This shortens expiration time, increases the achievable minute volume and reduces the risk on air trapping and associated risks on barotrauma and circulatory collapse, when compared to other small lumen ventilation techniques in obstructed airways (e.g. jet ventilation). Ventrain is a single use ventilation device, dedicated to manage and prevent difficult or challenging airway situations. Ventrain allows adequate ventilation in any patient (pediatrics emergency only), in combination with any narrow bore lumen (e.g. transtracheal catheter Cricath, airway exchange catheter, rigid bronchoscope, etc.) via any route of airway access (oral, nasal, FONA). It is easy in use as inspiration, supplying O2and expiration, removing CO2, are initiated by using just a thumb. The only requirement is O2 from a high-pressure gas source, with a pressure compensated flow meter.

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